What happens to my Travel Plan


The Travel Plan forms an important part of the planning process and can be produced at either of these stages:

Pre-application:  The development has yet to be considered as a formal planning application, but a Travel Plan may be submitted to highlight certain site features or to determine their feasibility.

Development planning:  The development is being considered through a formal planning application, and a Travel Plan may be required as part of the planning process.

The toolkit will help you design a Travel Plan at either stage of the process, providing all the guidance you need to complete a high quality submission. It also allows you to submit a Travel Plan to your local authority, who can then approve it or request a redraft of it.  The toolkit manages the assessment process so you can respond appropriately to any requests for a redraft. 

Once your Travel Plan is approved, it will be stored by the planning authority until it is ready to be made public through the planning process. The planning authority will then be able to publish the Travel Plan on this website. This means that once a site is approved through the development planning process, anybody can access the Travel Plan and act on any recommendations you put forward.

When the site is eventually occupied, anybody using the site on a day-to-day basis will be able to view the Travel Plan online and start putting it into action.

The diagram above illustrates the timeline of an average Travel Plan, and how it ties in with the planning process, ongoing tasks, and external stakeholders.

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