This area of the Toolkit provides a framework for the assessment of Travel Plans by local authority planning officers.

The assessment process is divided into the same five stages as the Design process:

  • Introduction
  • Describe the Site
  • Travel Plan Scope
  • Travel Plan Delivery
  • Conclusions

You will be invited to comment on each section of submitted Travel Plans for your authority and will be guided by a series of checklist queries along the way.

Your progress through each assessment is automatically saved into My Travel Plans, meaning you can stop and come back to your review at any time. Once you have assessed the Travel Plan, you will be able to either:

  • Approve the Travel Plan if it is of a suitable standard, or;
  • Request a redraft if you feel it does not reach an acceptable standard.

You will also be able to give feed back to individual applicants as part of the review process.

The toolkit is designed to guide you through the assessment process, but will ultimately leave the decision to approve or request a redraft to the individual assessor.

Assessors must be registered with TfGM in order to access this portion of the site. Please use the Contact form if you think the log-in details for your authority should be updated.


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