8 Implement a Travel Plan

8.1 Introduction

The Implementation section of the toolkit is intended to offer guidance for people working with previously completed Travel Plans. It includes links to supporting initiatives and outlines how a Travel Plan can be successfully maintained in the long term.

This section is mainly intended for those working with an existing Travel Plan, not those developing a new Travel Plan.

8.2 Navigation

From the homepage, anybody entering the Implementation section will see the Implementation main menu:


The Implementation section can be navigated via the sub-menu bar at the top of the screen:


Alternatively, users can click the ‘Next’ button to view each sub-menu sequentially.

This section of the website is intended to function as a resource for people who are not transport specialists, or experts in sustainability or travel planning. The main menu therefore provides a link to the ‘About Travel Plans’ section introduce Travel Plan Coordinators to the main concepts.

There is also a link to the Search function, allowing Travel Plan Coordinators to search for previously compiled Travel Plans on their site.

Throughout the Implementation section, links to the About section, Resources section and Help section are readily available.