3 Homepage

3.1 Where do I start?

The homepage for the toolkit is divided into six key areas:


3.2 Navigation

In addition to the six key areas identified in the previous section, several other navigation features are available on both the home page and throughout the rest of the toolkit.


  1. Link to TfGM homepage – links to the homepage of TfGM.
  2. Registration and sign-in – provides links to your user account (if registered), as well as access to the registration and sign-in areas (see Section4).
  3. Menu navigation bar – includes links to the six key areas of the website, as well as access to the toolkit homepage and help documentation. Access to sub-menus is provided alongside headings with a down arrow (▼) where available (see image below).
  4. Legal agreements and contacts – provides access to the legal agreements underpinning the use of the toolkit and links to key contacts.
  5. Links to local authority pages – The toolkit has been developed in partnership with all 10 local authorities in Greater Manchester. Links to each authority are provided at the bottom of the page.