Why does my site have a Travel Plan?

A Travel Plan is a document that describes how people will get to and from a site.

It has been designed to improve the accessibility of the site, particularly by sustainable modes (such as walking, cycling and public transport), to reduce the impact of a site on the surrounding road network.

Where did this travel plan come from?

Travel Plans and transport assessments are most commonly written by specialist transport consultants, using predictions of how people will travel to and from a site in the future. These predictions are based on how people travel to similar sites, with consideration given to local travel options.

Understanding content

Documentation showing best practice and examples of how to complete a Travel Plan are included in the Resources section.

Travel plans that have been prepared using the toolkit are broken into three different sections:

About the site Predictions on how people will travel to the site
Key issues, opportunities and outcomes sought What the Travel Plan is seeking to achieve and why
Actions The steps that need to be undertaken to ensure the Travel Plan outcomes are achieved


There may be a number of terms commonly used in Travel Planning that may not be familiar. You can find definitions in the Jargon-buster.

Travel Plans

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