Pre-application Phase

During site design, before the developer formally submits an application:

  • Consider the design and layout of the site
  • Implement physical measures that improve the built environment for active travel
  • Refer to TfGM guidance on cycling and sustainable travel
  • Consider alternative modes of transport before designing parking
  • Refer to TfGM Guidance Document: Transport for Sustainable Communities for design guidance
  • Use the toolkit to identify site features that can be improved as part of the development

Development Planning Phase

During the planning application process, prior to site occupation

  • Address planning obligations
  • Identify potential problems and issues on the site using the toolkit
  • Encourage sustainable travel from the moment the site is occupied
  • Appoint Travel Plan Coordinator


Post-occupation Phase

Following completion and occupation of the site by the employer

  • Implement Travel Plan
  • Begin surveying travel behaviour three months after occupation.
  • Monitor and report on how the development is progressing
  • Identify emerging or recurring features at the site


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