5 About Travel Plans

5.1 Introduced

This section of the website will be the initial destination for any users who are new to Travel Plans and wish to understand the requirements and benefits of the process. It also contains information on local authority thresholds for Travel Plans and site characteristics that warrant the production of a Travel Plan in most cases

5.2 Navigation

The About section is formed of a main menu and several sub menus. It is possible to navigate between these sub-menus by either returning to the main menu, or by using the sub-menu navigation bar at the top of the screen.


The About section is divided into five sub-menus, each addressing the initial key questions commonly asked about Travel Planning:

The section on ‘Do I Need a Travel Plan?’ is split into two parts, one which examines the outline thresholds for completing a Travel Plan and the other of which examines particular site characteristics.

The thresholds page contains an interactive map of the Greater Manchester area, allowing you to click across each of the 10 planning authorities and access their minimum site requirements for producing a Travel Plan.

Planning authority area map

To find out the minimum Travel Plan requirements in any authority, click on the relevant area illustrated in the map.

Some authorities will refer to other factors in considering whether a Travel Plan is necessary. These factors are listed on the site characteristics page.

Important note - The local authority thresholds and site characteristics should be treated as guidelines. The need to compare a Travel Plan or not should be determined through discussions with the planning authority.