Car sharing

Public transport

Car usage

Incentives & promotions

Measures to manage car usage

Car sharing scheme

Offer employees a car sharing scheme (eg CarShareGM) that allows employees to share a space in their car with other employees on similar commuter routes.

Video conferencing

Install video conferencing to reduce the costs and time associated with travelling to meetings.

Car pool fleet

Provide an on-site pool of cars that employees can book out for travel to meetings. This reduces the need for staff to bring their cars into work for onward travel to meetings.

Designated car-free days

Encourage staff to use alternative modes of transport for a designated period of time.

Agile working (eg working from home, flexible working hours)

Implement more agile ways of working to reduce the need for staff to travel to work by car, or the need for staff to be in a certain location at a fixed time.

Access improvements 

Make the site more accessible to cyclists and pedestrians.

Site specific travel guide 

Provide staff with a ready-made travel guide that is specific to the site.

Employee induction packs - “How To Get Here” via sustainable modes

Give new staff the information they need to travel sustainably from the moment they start their job, encouraging long-term sustainable travel patterns.

Eco-driving training

Provide training to any staff who drive to work with ways of reducing emissions and fuel consumption.

Electric vehicle charging points

Provide on-site charging facilities for electric vehicles.

Car clubs

Publicise local car club initiatives that allow staff to book onto locally-run car pools.
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