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Sustainable travel information on company website (eg How to Get Here)

Include information on how to reach the site via sustainable modes to highlight alternative ways of travelling.

Sustainable travel information in induction packs

Sustainable travel information (such as guidance on walking and cycling routes and cycle/ticket loans) can be immediately advertised to new employees in their induction packs, allowing them to make informed travel choices from their first day.

On-site Travel Information Point

Travel Information Points provide employees with a single source of transport information, such as timetables, real time information, promotional material and news bulletins.

Travel surveys

Travel surveys are the best way of establishing travel patterns and behaviours among a workforce and allow a tailored series of measures to be developed.

Calendar of promotional events (eg Cycle to Work Week, individual initiatives)

Promotional events encourage staff to explore alternative modes of transport and a calendar allows them to plan ahead and be made aware of upcoming events.

Sustainable travel information with hyperlinks to bus, train and cycle websites

Hyperlinks to the appropriate websites direct staff to the source of information and saves them the time of researching these for themselves.

Links to TfGM’s Journey Planner and Route Explorer

The Journey Planner allows staff to plan their own trips and map out potential alternatives using public transport.

Links to CarShareGM

CarShareGM is a regional initiative designed to match people offering lifts to those wishing to undertake a certain route.

Highlight cycle parking/walking facilities

Use signage and other measures to make sure staff are aware of cycle parking, showers and changing/drying facilities, encouraging them to make use of them.

Publicise location and booking procedure for car pool vehicles

Pool cars should be advertised clearly and be available to book through a simple, accessible procedure.

Engage senior management

Senior management buy-in is essential to the delivery of a successful Travel Plan as they will be responsible for approving measures and encouraging wider participation.
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