Car sharing

Public transport

Car usage

Incentives & promotions

Measures to encourage walking

Personal safety improvements

Includes improvements to street lighting and CCTV, and creating a more open walking environment to improve the personal safety of pedestrians.

Road safety improvements

Taking steps to improve pedestrian safety on adjacent roads, such as pedestrian crossings, traffic calming and traffic islands.

Infrastructure improvements 

Physical improvements to pedestrian walkways; including basic maintenance, paths to nearby public transport stops and site access.

Clear signage

Providing clear signage on nearby pedestrian infrastructure, way-marking to nearby population centres and public transport stops, and signage for site entrances.


Clear mapping of pedestrian routes around the site, indicating suitable footpaths, pavements and road crossings.

Showers, lockers, drying facilities

On-site facilities to allow staff to change for work and active commuting.

Walking groups

Groups that bring together those who walk to work and provide a forum for suggesting further improvements.

National Walk to Work Week

National event that takes place every spring/summer, allowing employees to sign up for a workplace walking challenge and encouraging more people to walk to work.

Walking events

Individual promotional events, such as lunchtime walks and walking breakfasts.
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